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Logjam Presents Partners with Live Nation Entertainment.

Enriching Montana's Entertainment Landscape, Missoula-based company, Logjam Presents, has made waves in the entertainment industry by announcing a game-changing multi-year partnership with Live Nation Entertainment. The deal, which was confirmed on Monday through a statement on Logjam's website, is set to revolutionize the state's concert scene and provide unparalleled opportunities for music enthusiasts and artists alike.

While the specifics of the partnership were not divulged in the statement, it was revealed that Live Nation, a powerhouse in the global entertainment sector, is investing in Logjam, recognizing the potential and talent of the Missoula company. The esteemed Top Hat and Wilma properties, cherished for their historical significance, will continue to be owned by Logjam's founders, Nick and Robin Checota. Additionally, Logjam's meticulously designed venues, the KettleHouse Amphitheater and the Elm stage in Bozeman, are secure under long-term leases with separate local property owners.

One of the most exciting prospects of this collaboration is Logjam's newfound access to Live Nation tour deals. Ryan Torres, Logjam's Vice President of Marketing and Promotions, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, citing that it opens doors to Live Nation tours and allows Logjam to enhance their concert offerings for Montana's music enthusiasts.

Despite the partnership, Logjam will maintain local control of their venues, which means they will continue overseeing all aspects of event planning, production, staffing, and box office operations, including Live Nation tours. Nick Checota, in his statement, emphasized that this alliance will enable Logjam to preserve its identity as a Montana-based promoter and retain 100 percent of its valued local staff.

Alanya Wissink, Logjam's in-house entertainment buyer, shared her excitement about the partnership's potential to attract a more diverse range of artists to Montana. As national companies increasingly enter the state's entertainment market, the collaboration with Live Nation offers Logjam the support and resources of a global promoter. This newfound strength will help Logjam expand entertainment offerings in genres such as country, rock, and comedy, captivating audiences across the state.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of this partnership is the access Logjam could now have to artists who have historically performed at venues like the Adams Center, Brick Breeden Fieldhouse, and Washington-Grizzly Stadium, which were previously exclusive to national companies.

Regarding ticket prices, Torres assured that Logjam will continue to make local decisions on fees and pricing. While they do not anticipate price increases, they are mindful of adjusting prices according to inflation, ensuring the best possible experience for concertgoers.

Logjam Presents' history began in 2012 when Nick Checota, a medical real estate developer, and his wife, Robin, a Montana native, acquired the Top Hat Lounge. From there, the company flourished, leading to the acquisition of another historic venue, the Wilma, after extensive renovations. Amidst the pandemic, Logjam successfully completed the construction of the Elm, a stunning 1,100-capacity venue designed from the ground up, which opened its doors in September 2021. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused the cancellation of plans for the ambitious $100 million Drift at the Riverfront Triangle large civic events center.

This exciting partnership comes on the heels of Live Nation's recent record-breaking financial performance. According to a recent report by Billboard, Live Nation achieved its best-ever second-quarter revenue of $5.6 billion, signaling an upward trend for the concert promotion giant. This bodes well for Logjam Presents and suggests that 2023 could set a new revenue record for Live Nation.

The collaboration between Logjam Presents and Live Nation Entertainment marks a pivotal moment for Montana's entertainment industry. With access to Live Nation tour deals and resources, Logjam is poised to bring more diverse and exciting entertainment experiences to Montana, solidifying its position as a prominent Montana-based promoter while enriching the lives of music enthusiasts across the state. The partnership promises a bright future for both companies and showcases the potential for continued growth in the dynamic world of live entertainment.

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