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How Recent Legislation Will Affect MT Schools

The Superintendent of Public Instruction has announced a series of public meetings to be held this summer to go over legislation that will affect Montana schools. The meetings are scheduled for the 3rd or 4th Wednesdays of each month, starting in June and continuing through September.

This Month, the Office of Public Instruction will discuss a pair of Charter school bills that passed the legislature and are now expected to face legal challenges.

In July, how schools will deal with complaints about obscenity and religious freedom, and House Bills 234, 744 and 745.

In August, the Special Needs Opportunity Act, that requires local school districts to re-imburse parents of special needs children for private school tuition.

And In September, two bills that spell out new Parental Rights relating to schools - will be discussed. All of the meetings will be facilitated by OPIs legal counsel and none of the meetings will be in-person - all four will be ZOOM meetings.

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