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Stockman Bank Establishes MT Flood Relief Fund

Stockman Bank has established the Montana Flood Relief Fund to assist those affected by record flooding across Montana this week. Thousands of residents and tourists have been trapped and isolated by the rising waters, which have also caused significant damage to roads, bridges and homes along area rivers and lowlands.

Stockman has opened the Fund with an initial deposit of $10,000 and will then match each deposit, dollar for dollar, up to an additional $15,000. “I have not seen widespread flooding like this in my lifetime,” stated Bill Coffee, CEO of Stockman Bank. “The damage is devastating and we want to do what we can to help our fellow Montanans recover and rebuild.”

With rivers continuing to rise and temperatures set to hit record highs this coming weekend, more flooding is possible. Coffee says Stockman will distribute funds through local community relief organizations to ensure it is used where it is most needed.

How to Donate

Stockman Bank will match donations up to a total of $15,000 through August 1, 2022. You may bring your donation or mail your donation to any Stockman Bank location across Montana. Visit to find the location nearest you. Please make checks payable to the Montana Flood Relief Fund.

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