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Coronavirus Update for Ravalli County

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

5:00 pm ., March 23, 2020....There is still only one COVID-19 case identified in Ravalli County. The person is a female in her teens and is resting in isolation at home. The coronavirus was spread to her through travel. Close contacts of the person are in quarantine. Process for notification: When a person tested, they should be notified directly by their provider. If you are not personally notified, the results have not been completed. If you haven’t heard within a week, call your provider.

Recommendations for Physical Spacing/Social Distancing: At a minimum everyone should maintain a distance of 6 ft. spacing in all gatherings, even when you are outdoors. For now, according to the CDC, a gathering should be limited to less than 10 people.

Obviously, if you are at home, 6 ft. spacing is not practical. Continually practice standard precautions – don’t share drinks, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, don’t share lip ointments, etc.

Anyone of any age can catch and spread COVID-19. However, people 60 and older are at a higher risk for serious illness or death than younger populations. For those over 60 and or with medical problems, limit the amount of time in public buildings or gatherings as much as possible, and still use the 6ft physical distancing. Consider – is this visit essential, can it be done another way?

IC Calderwood, “To quote another medical advisor....In order for all of the physical/social distancing to work, we have to all do it together. We have to all do it everywhere and we have to do it right now.

No age group is exempt. A gathering is a gathering whether you are at the beach, in the woods, or at the store. This is no time to be selfish. When you return from a get together, you are increasing the risk to your siblings, parents, and grandparents”.

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