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10 Year Old Billings Girl Reaches Out to Capitol Officer

The video of Officer Daniel Hodges being crushed in the doorway of the U.S. Capitol by rioters last week sent shock waves throughout the country.

Among the people who felt devastated by the video is 10-year-old Emma Jablonski of Billings, Montana, who watched the video on television with her mother Johnna. To help express her feelings and send love to Hodges, both mother and daughter decided a letter would be the best route to take. Johnna posted pictures of the letter on Twitter in hopes it would reach the officer. The D.C. Police Department discovered the tweet a few hours later and extended its gratitude and updated everyone one the officer's condition. Hodges is recovering and doing well, according to the tweet. The mom said the letter is an example of how young children are also affected by the tragedy seen in our country. The family is putting together a care package with all things Montana for Officer Hodges. The police department not only gave them an address to send the letter and package but will be mailing Emma a police badge as a token of appreciation.

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