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ATM Rules

The Drive 107.9/103.7 ATM Game Fall 2021

The 107.9/103.7 The Drive FM ATM Game will be played Monday through Friday beginning Monday, September 20th 2021 and run for ten weeks.

On Mondays we will announce an ATM Pin Code number a minimum of eight times a day, at random times, following a Wimp's Body Works OR Alpha Propane commercial,  on The Drive 107.9/103.7.  On Tuesdays another ATM Pin Code number will be announced , and on Wednesday and Thursday as well.

On Fridays we will announce a time that you can call in to win the cash in the ATM.  If you are the 102nd caller, we will ask you for the four ATM numbers.  To play call 406 541 4946.  If you know all four numbers, in the proper order, you will win $500.  If that caller does not know the four ATM numbers, we will take the next caller.

The ATM Game will be played for ten weeks with a prize of $500 each week.  The ATM numbers are only available on Mountain Broadcasting radio stations. The ATM numbers will be broadcast daily between 6am to 10pm following a Wimp's Body Works OR Alpha Propane commercial.

Winning ATM numbers:

The ATM PIN-Code is four numbers.  The numbers are between 1 and 60, including 1 and 60.  Numbers are not repeated in an “ATM PIN-Code”.  

All decisions of the management of The Drive 107.9/103.7 regarding rules and play will be final.  Rules may be changed without notice and will be deemed changed when posted on the CONTEST page at and  Only one prize will be awarded for each week. 

Any and all taxes that may be owed by the winner of any ATM Game is the responsibility of that winner.   Winners must present a valid photo ID, Social Security number, and address in order to claim their $500 prize.  Players must be 18 years of age or older to win.


Any questions on the functioning of the ATM Game, rules or how to play the ATM Game should be directed to

All Mountain Broadcasting & Digital general rules also apply to any Mountain Broadcasting stations game or contest.  Rules are posted online and at the main office of Mountain Broadcasting & Digital.  An ATM Game player may only win a cash prize once in a 30 day period.